Quality Policy

Quality Policy

We the associate consultants of INNOPOLE, as responsible for the activities of the company, define a Quality Policy as the vehicle to lead the organisation to a better performance.

Our commitment is maintaining our status as one of the most relevant agents in the innovation network of the region of Castilla – La Mancha. Among other activities our associate consultants organize and take part in many of the R&TD promotion activities in our region. They have also enabled local companies participating in R&TD European Programmes with the most important research centres in Europe and helped SMEs in the region to define their business, technological and innovation strategies.

Since our foundation our main goal has been offering a human and empathic consultancy service to our customers, from SMEs to big companies or Administration. Our aim is to provide a service which is close to their daily problems, understanding and fulfilling customers’ and regulatory requirements, and deliver an objectively measurable result.

In this context we understand how important it is to keep our customers and employees satisfied. The satisfaction of our customers do have an effect on the appreciation of our services and therefore on the satisfaction of the members of our organisation (employees, associates and future associates).

Associate consultants and employees in INNOPOLE have the sound commitment to grant the achievement of these objectives through the efficient use of the available resources. To manage so INNOPOLE staff provides the necessary tools to develop the present quality policy, keeping a regular communication about the degree of fulfilment of the defined objectives and executing the necessary actions to assure the continuous improvement of our activities.

This policity is extensible to our partners, customers and employees by its difussion on our web page (www.innopole.net // www.innopole.es // www.innopole.net).

Mr. Aitor Elorriaga

INNOPOLE, S.L. General Director