Extreme Factories in Campus Party Europe 2013 – London



The EXTREMEFACTORIES project (www.extremefactories.eu) has participated in the Campus Party Europe 2013 that took place from 2 to 6 September in London.

The Campus Party Europe, which has the support of the European Commission through the StartupEurope.eu initiative, is the most important meeting point in the world in the areas of Innovation, Creativity, Science and Digital Entertainment. The event brings together thousands of participants from all over the world in a unique collaborative environment, in order to share concerns, exchange experiences and participate in all kinds of activities related to new technologies.

INNOPOLE participated on the main stage of the O2 Arena in London on the 3rd of September, where a presentation on how technologies can be used to shape entrepreneurial ideas and turn them into business projects has been made, and where Aitor Elorriaga and Manu García shared the stage with well-known entrepreneurs like Martin Varsavsky, Eric Shultink, Ramon Suarez or Julie Meyer.

There, INNOPOLE presented the European project EXTREMEFACTORIES (www.extremefactories.eu). This project aims to develop a collaboration platform with semantic capabilities, which implements a radically new methodology for the adoption of systematic innovation processes in the global network of SMEs, taking into account the internal and external links (customers, suppliers, employees and collaborators). INNOPOLE exposed the ability of this platform to act as a place of presentation of ideas, where they can be shared and collaboratively improved and valued by others, either by persons previously selected or openly. Projects generated can even be managed within the same platform. EXTREMEFACTORIES has been funded by the European Commission, has a budget close to 4 million euros and includes 3 Spanish partners within the consortium.

INNOPOLE has provided scholarships to more than a hundred students, entrepreneurs and people interested in new technologies, to be part of his entourage and participate in the over 500 hours of lectures, debates, workshops and hackathons related to science, innovation, digital entertainment and creativity that have been organized within the Campus Party .

Extreme Factories in Campus Party Europe 2013 – London
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