We believe in a different way to make your consulting business.


INNOPOLE is a consulting company specialized in providing services in the field of project development and funding of research, technological development and innovation with an international projection. The company and the team are focused and committed to our customers, and with the belief that there is a different way to make your consulting business.

INNOPOLE has a team with over 30 years of experience managing programs and activities related to Research, Technological Development and Innovation. Innopole stood as a national benchmark for results, having his work being recognized throughout the entire process, from the definition of programs and identification of customer needs, to writing and managing proposals, or evaluation projects and programs are in RTD of regional, national or Community

Since its establishment in 2001 INNOPOLE has managed projects and initiatives at European, National and Regional for an amount in excess of € 300 million.

INNOPOLE raises the conduct of its business with a focus on cooperation, nationally and internationally, adding experience and knowledge of skilled partners in specific areas, bringing together global solutions for deployment in local and national environment.

INNOPOLE activity is based on principles and values at the center of the people involved are both from customers and the team of consultants. Commitment to results and quality are two pillars of the company.

The different areas in which the team of INNOPOLE operates are:

– Assisting SMEs and large enterprises on:

– Management of technological resources and its R & D activities,

– The implementation of new technologies,

– the exploitation of results of R & D,

– Technical and administrative management of complex projects, both in cooperation and individual

– Evaluating business models,

– The definition of network strategies and business development,

– And training in areas related to innovation,

European, National and Regional

– Developing, implementing and evaluating for the Public Administrations:

– Programs for managing the RTD.

– Promotion plans for the implementation of new technologies (both in the area of ​​Technologies for Information Society and Technologies in the area of ​​production) in SME.

– Plans for dissemination and promotion of participation in R & D programs at European, national and regional.

– Training of entrepreneurs.

– Plans for the exploitation of results of R & D.