Success Cases

Working with the best Team and our effort, just only expect success.



“Our business philosophy includes constant innovation in order to provide technical solutions to a continuously evolving market. We seek to provide the highest quality service to our customers and achieve maximum efficiency in our processes. Our RTD department is agile, creative and re-active which are the keys of our products success. Along the last 10 years Innopole has been a fundamental partner to achieve this success. ”

D. Ángel Lara Garoz, INAEL Electrical Systems, S.A.


One of the services that INNOPOLE povides to customers is RTD Project Office. INNOPOLE consultant team is working closely to > is working closely with INAEL RTD department, identifying funding opportunities for projects, both national and European programs. Once these programs are developed in collaboration with the proposed technical team INAEL. Innopole also involved in project management, performing, among other activities, tracking milestones established, organizing consortium meetings or administrative technical justification of the project. This scheme of collaboration has been the key to success in the program INNPACTO where INAEL manages a budget of more than 3 million EUROS coordinating three major R & _ projects involving organizations such as Iberdrola and Union Fenosa, and various Spanish universities and research centers in the CSIC.